Bring crypto to your everyday life

Pay with crypto. Sell or swap it. Send or receive your crypto between friends and family. Or simply store it. In one easy-to-use and secure wallet designed to bring cryptocurrencies to your everyday life.


Our vision is an economy without borders. At Quickbit we believe cryptocurrencies will play an important part of our everyday lives. That is why we, through innovation, strive to make crypto useful for everyone. Anytime and anywhere. Pay for groceries or go shopping. Online or in-store. Exchange between currencies when you travel. And more.


One wallet.Multiple currencies.

Collect all your cryptocurrencies in one simple wallet. And honestly, it’s no different than your debit account. Except our user experience is great. And while you use it, we will make sure to give you nice hints so that you can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Buy crypto

Quickbit makes buying crypto a smooth experience. Your purchase is instant – no delays, no hidden fees, no gimmicks.

Sell instantly

Did your crypto value increase? Selling crypto and getting paid to your bank account is simple.

Swap cryptofor crypto

Want to convert any portion of your Bitcoin balance for Litecoin? Just swap one for the other. Instantly.

Support whenyou want it

We take customer support seriously and we are here to help whenever you need it. Get easy access to support and information at any point throughout the experience.

And so much more…

Favorite contacts

Quickly send crypto to friends and family.

Knowledge base

Get the best chance to learn about crypto.

Great Customer Support

Get help whenever and wherever you need it.


Know when your friends send you crypto.

Dark Mode

Be kind to your eyes when checking out your finances at night.

What can I do withmy crypto?

Buy, Sell and Swap is the starting point of learning about crypto. But making crypto useful is our mission. So what else can you do with your crypto?


Use your crypto wallet to pay with. More and more places accept crypto every day. And with the Quickbit Card you can pay everywhere.


Some people just want to hold onto their crypto in the hope that its value goes up. If you are one of them, put it in your secure wallet and lean back.


Did your friend pay for your tickets or lunch? Simply send them some crypto, instant and secure.

A new type of card. So that you can pay with crypto.

Quickbit Card enables you to pay in all the millions of places that accept Visa and MasterCard. Making crypto useful in a way that already makes sense to you. Whether you pay in a store, shop online or use Apple Pay or Google Pay, the Quickbit Card works everywhere.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Use your mobile phone for quick contactless payments in stores.

Request crypto

When someone owes you money, just send them a request.

Truly borderless

Unlike traditional currencies, crypto has no borders. And in the world of crypto, payments are virtually instant. Forget unfair exchange rates and hidden fees. Sending crypto to another Quickbit user is free.

6 crypto truths in bite size

Cryptocurrency transactions are public and traceable

Crypto transactions are part of a public ledger, meaning that the transaction itself is public. The person behind the transaction on the ledger is often anonymous.

Cryptocurrencies are great in unstable economies

If the traditional banking system fails you, cryptocurrencies and a digital wallet are a great alternative to store and manage your money without anyone interfering.

Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology

Blockchain is the backbone of crypto. Its three pillars are decentralization (no central authority), transparency (transactions are traceable) and immutability (data can not be tampered with).

Differences to traditional currencies are fewer than ever

Crypto’s utility is increasingly similar to traditional currencies. But traditional currencies are slow to transfer, whereas crypto is an asset made for transferring value fast and easy.

Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular form of payment

Crypto is gaining more popularity in the online e-commerce space for digital products and services. Every day more shops accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Cryptocurrencies are diverse

Some cryptocurrencies are designed to be widely used and spent, others are designed to kick-back interest, some are used for speedy international remittances.

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