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Buy cryptocurrencies instantly

  • Get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash - more cryptocurrencies coming soon

  • Add funds to your wallets with no waiting time

  • No hidden fees

Sell your Crypto for Euro in seconds

  • Open a Euro account

  • Sell Crypto to Euro

  • Send Euro to a bank account

  • Receive Euro

Send crypto worldwide in seconds

  • Send crypto to your friends and family worldwide, just enter their crypto wallet address, even if they don’t use Quickbit

  • Send crypto to other Quickbit users instantly

Get crypto from friends and family

  • Get crypto from external wallets and other Quickbit users

  • Push notification when you get funds

  • Share your Quickbit crypto wallet address in a short link to instantly receive crypto

Trade one cryptocurrency to another in a split second

  • Exchange your crypto is instant and free of charge

  • Trade BTC, LTC and BCH

Supports Mobile BankID.

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Push notifications when you get crypto in your Quickbit wallet.

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