Ejub Bicic

Chief Product Officer, based in Stockholm

Prior to Quickbit, Ejub has worked in various roles in digital development, ranging from web developer to UX designer and product owner. Most recently, he comes from Expressen where Ejub had the role as Product Owner and drove the development of the mobile apps.

What does a Chief Product Officer do?

As a CPO, it’s all about seeing the big picture – customer, business, user experience, marketing, all the parts that make a good product – and taking them to the next level. With the set goal of introducing new revenue streams, which also means new solutions, an ecosystem of products is emerging. As a CPO, I see it as my job that these hold together and develop in a way that gives us the width, flexibility and foundation we want.

What made you go from Expressen to Quickbit?

I chose Quickbit for several reasons. What attracted me was not only that we are developing new exciting products, but also that we are building a development department, a company and thus also a corporate culture. The soft values are just as important, if not more important.

What do you do in your free-time?

I read a lot, preferably about AI, history, professional literature and often it is the “best sellers” that end up in my bookshelf. My favourite author right now is probably Yuval Noah Harari. Otherwise, I exercise, travel and try to spend time with family and friends as much as I can.

What do most other people not know about you?

I like to challenge myself. I have written a book, tried doing standup comedy and been part of several musicals at SäffleOperan in Värmland.

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