Minou Britmer

Head of Accounting, based in Stockholm

Minou spent the first years of her career in the financial industry at several accounting firms while continuing her education, mainly focusing on taxes. She has gone from tax-interested finance assistant to CFO with extensive tax knowledge in a few years. She is one of the Stockholm office’s three employees who where born in Gothenburg.

What do you do in your role?

My duties are very broad. I am responsible for all financial administration, which includes ongoing reporting and reconciliations, but also correspondence with banks to give some examples. My responsibility also lies in consolidating our financial statements and producing the financial reports we publish externally.

What made you go for Quickbit?

It is an employer that offers great development opportunities in a whole new industry, which creates a further challenge in addition to a new role.

Do you have any hobbies, if so, which ones?

At the moment it’s my job, but I try to travel regularly, rather a weekend trip than nothing at all. I also exercise a lot and enjoy time with my close and dear friends.

Tell me something about yourself

I love cooking.

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