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General Terms and Conditions for the use
of Quickbit’s websites

1. Acceptance of Terms

Read these general terms of use (the “Terms”) carefully before you access the following Quickbit’s websites (the “Sites”),, and By accessing the Sites, you confirm that you agree with and are bound by the Terms below. Individual documents and parts of the Sites may include special terms to be applied in addition to these Terms. The use of the services otherwise accessible via the internet or the Quickbit App are governed by service-specific agreement terms.

The contents of this service and this Sites are provided on “as is” basis. The service provider does not provide any warranties regarding the Sites or the contents thereof. The service provider reserves the right to update the Sites and to discontinue the provision of access to the Sites at any time. The service provider shall not be liable for any expenses, losses or damages arising out of the use of the Sites even if the service provider or its representative had known about a defect in the service.

2. Service providers

The Sites may include services provided by Quickbit eu AB (publ) (“Quickbit”) or other companies belonging to the Quickbit eu AB (publ) group (the “Quickbit Group”). All companies belonging to the Quickbit Group may in this connection be called “service providers”. Information about the Quickbit Group is available under the menu-item About us.

Information on the primary service provider

Name: Quickbit eu AB (publ)
Domicile: Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Lästmakargatan 20, 111 44 Stockholm
Corp. reg. no.: 559066-2093
VAT number: SE559066209301

3. Other service providers

The Sites may also contain services provided by other companies within the Quickbit Group, or by external companies.

The following companies within the Quickbit Group are registered as virtual asset service providers (VASP):

  • QB Europe AB, incorporated in Sweden with corp. reg. no. 559265-3793 559265-3793, is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen).

  • Balder Solutions AS, incorporated in Norway with corp. reg. no. 921711425, is
    regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (No. Finanstilsynet).

  • QB Finland OY, incorporated in Finland with corp. reg. no. 3204467-3, is regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (Fi. Finanssivalvonta).

  • Quickbit Limited, incorporated in Gibraltar with corp. reg. no. 116667, is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Supervisory Authority.

  • Fomiline UAB, incorporated in Lithuania with corp. reg. no. 305987883, is regulated by the Financial Crime Investigation Service (Lt. Finansinių Nusikaltimų Tyrimo Tarnyba prie Lietuvos Respublikos vidaus reikalų ministerijos).

  • Goriwire Sp.z.o.o., incorporated in Poland with corp. reg. no. 962387, is regulated by the General Inspector of Financial Information (Pl. Generalny Inspektor Informacji Finansowej).

Similar information on other companies within the Quickbit Group is available, e.g., through the following link:

Information concerning other service providers can be found in the service agreements or other material published by the service providers.

4. Limitation of liability

The information contained on the Sites are not under any circumstances to be considered as an advice or a request to buy or sell or a recommendation by any of the service providers unless Quickbit expressly notifies to the contrary. The same applies to all jurisdictions where the law does not allow the making of offers, or recommendations, or giving advice.

The Sites and the information contained therein are directed exclusively to Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Gibraltar, Lithuania, and Poland, unless otherwise expressly agreed or notified. The information contained on the Sites cannot be considered as a binding offer made by the provider of such information, unless otherwise expressly specified in connection with such information.

Information on the Sites does not constitute an offer to sell or buy cryptocurrency or other financial instruments nor an advice or a recommendation to take such an action. Legally binding transactions with a company within the Quickbit Group are always based on a separate service agreement.

Quickbit may give advice concerning investments or taxation on the Sites. Neither Quickbit nor any other company in the Quickbit Group shall be liable for any loss, or damage caused, or action taken on the ground of Quickbit’s advice.

5. Persons prohibited to use the Sites and services

Quickbit’s Sites and services do not address persons who are prohibited under the applicable law of their citizenship, domicile, or residence from having access to or using such websites and services. Persons who are prohibited from having access to the information on this Sites, or those who are in doubt whether or not they are permitted to access or use Quickbit’s services are kindly requested to leave this Sites.

Quickbit does not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from any use of this Sites or its respective contents or otherwise arising in connection therewith. Quickbit cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses that occur from transactions and/or services in violation of the relevant rules of your home jurisdiction.

6. Information about processing of personal data

Quickbit is the controller of the personal data processed on, and Further information on the processing of personal data at Quickbit can be obtained from Quickbit’s privacy policy.

7. Cookies

Quickbit uses cookies and similar technologies to deliver products and services to you, provide a secure online environment, to manage our marketing and provide a better online experience, track our website performance and to make our website content more relevant to you. Read more about the use of cookies in Quickbit's cookie policy or in the cookie panel on, and

8. Information provided by a third party

The links provided on the Sites are meant for informative use only. The service provider is not liable for any material provided or published by a third party even if such material can be accessed through a potential link on these sites. Such third parties shall have to publish on their own sites the information on them required by legislation, and the service provider is not liable for any missing or inadequate information.

9. Unencrypted e-mail, chat, and other unprotected communication methods

You are reminded that the confidentiality of e-mail messages and other unprotected
messages sent via public network cannot be guaranteed. You shall avoid forwarding
personal data or other confidential messages to Quickbit via e-mail. Quickbit or other service providers are not liable to carry out orders or instructions submitted via unencrypted e-mail or other corresponding unprotected communication methods.

Quickbit is entitled, if requested by the customer, to provide general information via e-mail to the e-mail address defined by the customer. Quickbit and service providers shall not be liable for losses or damages occurred by any disappearance or transformation of such a message.

10. Copyright and trademarks

Companies belonging to the Quickbit Group or third parties, if expressly specified, retain the ownership, copyright, and all other intellectual property rights of the Sites. All rights are reserved in all countries. The publication, reproduction, transfer, or storage of the contents of the Sites in whole or in part is forbidden unless the holder of title, copyright, or other intellectual property right has granted permission for such an action. The prohibition does not apply to storage on a computer or printing for personal use only. The contents may be quoted in accordance with the applicable copyright legislation. When the contents are quoted the source shall have to be indicated. The trademarks or logos included on the Sites may, however, not be reproduced, published, or distributed without Quickbit's written permission.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swedish law shall be applied to these Terms. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Sweden. Separate provisions on the applicable law and jurisdiction are located on the sites of the companies belonging to the Quickbit Group.

12. Your obligations when using the Sites

You are forbidden from carrying out activities which have the purpose of rendering the Sites defective, useless, overloading the Sites or to hinder, complicate or delay its use or operation. You are also forbidden to use the Sites for fraudulent purposes, or to engage in any conduct which may damage or negatively affect the image, interests, or rights of Quickbit, the Quickbit Group or any third parties.

You shall be liable for damages caused to Quickbit, the Quickbit Group or third parties as a consequence of the breach of the obligation set forth in this paragraph. Quickbit expressly reserves the right to exercise all actions to which it may be entitled by law.

13. Indemnity

To the full extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby agree to indemnify Quickbit, the Quickbit Group and its partners against any action, liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding, or expense suffered or incurred if directly or not directly arising from your use of the Sites, your use of the service, or from your violation of these Terms.