We believe in financial inclusiveness

A decentralized financial world controlled by the people.

About Quickbit

We at Quickbit believe in financial inclusiveness. A decentralized financial world controlled by the people. We strive to remove barriers so that everyone can participate in this financial world by allowing you to buy, swap, sell & send Cryptocurrencies.

Our team

We're a diverse team in both our backgrounds and skills, what we have in common is our drive to create great products, our positive attitude, and a high level of competence. Daily collaboration is at the core of Quickbit and everyone does what they can to make every part of our products the best they can be.

Open positions

Perks and recreation


Do you need to work from home some days? We love co-location but we all gotta do what we gotta do, so if you need to work from home, nobody will bat an eye.

Private healthcare

If you need a doctor we’ll make sure you get to see one quicker than a greased lightning. Making sure you are always kept in tip top shape.

Occupational pension

We’ve got you covered. An additional monthly saving is added to your retirement fund making your golden years more golden.

Team activities

We do breakfasts, we do lunches, we hangout. We are a good team of good people and we enjoy each others company.

Health and fitness

Want to go to the gym or have a massage? All employees receive a yearly allowance of 5000kr to spend on recreational health & fitness activities.

City center

Location is key. We are in the very heart of Stockholm, so you can easily pop out for a haircut or shop for that thing you need.

Life at Quickbit