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How do I activate my card?

When you received your Quickbit card, you need activate the card. Open the Quickbit App, choose “Card” in the tab bar, then tap “Activate card” button, a new page will be opened. Please follow the instruction stated on the page. Firstly, set your 4-digit PIN code which you will use for in-store payments or ATM withdraw. Secondly, fill in 3-digit CVC number from the back of your card. Then, the card is activated and ready to be used! Please note: you need to pay with PIN in store or ATM before making your first contactless payment.

Can I choose the PIN code?

-Yes, you set your own 4-digit PIN code while activating the card in the app.

Can I change the PIN code?

-Yes, you can change your PIN code in the app whenever you want. Go to “Card” tab, choose “Pin code”, then follow the instruction to reset your card PIN code.

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